By supporting MADCOWX, you are supporting two goals:

Primary Goal – To recover money spent to access to data site used to create forecasts. A couple charge fees, and others are free, but I donate to them. We also spend a LOT of time reviewing that data for forecasts, and often update day or night during severe and snow events (I “nowcasted” one event in 2019 for 36 straight hours), all while working full time jobs. It is very taxing physically and mentally & we hope you’ll find us worth compensating for this level of service over the last five years.

Secondary (Dream) Goal: To receive enough in regular donations to be able to create a full feature website, create an App, create a small studio to do more professional videos and live updates, do drone coverage of storms, and much more; PLUS to receive enough in regular donations to be able to make THIS our full time jobs to do 24/7 coverage.

We do not want anybody to feel obligated to “pay”, and we will NOT go completely to a pay wall, but instead hope you find enough value in the service we provide to make it worth a little bit of your hard earned money to keep this going. 

We will remain Madison County focused, with coverage expanding to bordering counties during severe and winter events. We have no desire to cover large areas. We believe thousands of you follow MADCOWX because it’s local and personal.